Elemental Storytelling: Tropes in Origins: Demo 1 by Farah Evers #amreading @FarahEversAuthor #SciFi

“Science is the seed from which enlightenment is harvested.” ~ The Gardeners.   Contrary to common belief, the Gardeners are not a botanical group. Let’s shove that myth out the window. But what are they? An ancient movement sprung out of Syria in the 1700s led by an influential intellectual with special abilities and numerous […]

Mission Impossible: Origins, Demo Book 1 by Farah Evers #SciFi

Dirty politics just got dirtier. 2155. Lebanon survives the Technological Collapse Era only to end up governed by tyrannical zealots who control higher technology. When the unholy grail falls into their totalitarian hands, Suddeek Hassan, the grail’s only heir, finds himself on a mission to instigate an interplanetary new order with laws that originate from […]