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Happy Halloween!

Drawn ghost of the girl in the woodThe barrier between the world of the living and the dead is often called “The Veil”. During the month of October, the Veil grows thinner and thinner until the evening of the 31st.

On Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve/Samhain, the separation between the spirit world and the earthly realm is little more than a diaphanous barrier. A thanatotic charge energizes the atmosphere. It’s the best time to reach out to the dead… and sometimes the dead come knocking at the doors of the living.

In many northern European cultures, particularly the Norse,  Oct. 31st is the celebration of Winternights, a time that marks the end of the harvest and the time of livestock slaughter. During the festival, the Vanir gods, Freyr and Freya, are honored as well as ancestral spirits and the spirits of the land.

The wild hunt: Asgårdsreien (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo
The wild hunt: Asgårdsreien (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Winternights is also the beginning of the darkest and coldest season. In a tradition going back to ancient times, the Germanic tribes leave a “Last Sheaf” in the field for Odin and his fearsome army. As Winternights draws to a close, the The Wild Hunt rides forth on the first of its ferocious forays. The winter fields and roads are safe for no man. It is the time of ghosts and trolls.

Travellers beware!!!


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Hunter’s Mark by Melissa Snark releases in ebook on Oct. 25th as part of the Shifters Hallows Eve boxed set. It’s 99 cents for a limited time only.

Melissa Snark 2v3ER nurse Victoria Storm anticipates a joyous Winter Nights ceremony with her wolf-shifter pack, but a determined hunter upsets all her plans. Daniel Barrett wants her help because he suspects a ghost is behind his friend’s disappearance. As a pagan priestess and spirit-speaker, she can discover things he can’t. He’s as sexy as he is persistent–she finds him impossible to refuse. Throw in a trip to a remote Arizona town, a haunted hotel, and a lost gold mine, and their evening is about to get interesting.


3D Boxset Ereader ImageShifters Hallows Eve  —  #99cents #NewRelease

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12 NYT, USA Today, and International Best Selling Authors, bring you brand-new, paranormal shifter romances that are sure to make this a Shifters Hallows Eve you’ll never forget!

Featuring stories by: Audra Hart, Bethany Shaw, Bryce Evans, Candace Blevins, Elle Boon, Julia Mills, KD Jones, Lori King, Melissa Bell, Melissa Snark, R.E. Butler, and Sydney Lea

Shifters Hallows Eve

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Hunter’s Mark (Paperback)

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