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Introducing the Tropes of The Vampire’s Partner

Vampire Partner SmlTitle: The Vampire’s Partner

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Date Published: September 3, 2014

Genre: paranormal romance

Word Count: 30,000

The Vampire’s Partner is a paranormal romance where the hero (Hunter) if a vampire with in love with a human woman assigned to be his partner. They are members of The Vampire Guard who stand between the residents of Central City and Raymond Tyrone, a lunatic scientist who has been working on a way to harness all the extraordinary abilities of vampires and create his own vampire in a lab.

With Panthera Laboratories running again The Vampire Guard has no choice but to return to Central City. Pretending to be lovers Hunter and Alice are sent in to do reconnaissance. But pretending to be something they both wish was real proves harder than they expect.

For more than twenty-five months Hunter and Alice have worked together, trained together, even saved homeless dogs together, though that last item was never high on Hunter’s list of things to do. What they haven’t done is sleep together.

As far as Alice can see there’s no point to mixing business with pleasure unless you’re looking for a problem. Like every other girl who sees Hunter, she fantasizes about him.  There’s no way she’s screwing up the one job that’s managed to get her out of the pit called Central City by sleeping with her partner.

In all his years Hunter had never encountered anyone who could resist his vampire influence. Not until Alice. She’s also the only human to ever best him in a sparring match, but that was beginners luck and had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking of how he wished they were tangled up nude in his bed instead of the floor of a gymnasium.  All Hunter can think about is somehow making Alice see him as more than just a partner at work. He’ll give anything to be her partner for life, love and eternity.


Romance Arc

The Vampire’s Partner is a romance. I hadn’t realized I wrote romance until after I’d completed my very first book. At that time I wasn’t a big romance reader so I hadn’t made the connection. But now it’s clear as it can be. I love to read and write romances so that’s almost entirely what I write.

In The Vampire’s Partner is set in Central City. The place is in ruins due to a fire some twenty years back at Panthera Laboratories that killed one of the lab’s founders as well as many others. The near destruction of the lab has left everyone remaining in Central City in poverty. The streets of this once prospering town are no longer safe.  The Vampire Guard works to keep the residents of Central City safe. With the fire and the loss of the founder who was an ally to The Guard, their work has gotten even tougher.

In this romance the Hunter and Alice spend every night together patrolling the streets of Central City looking for clues of what Panthera Laboratories is concocting and intervening on behalf of Central City’s residents.



Hunter is a vampire, and he’s quite enjoyed being one for nearly a hundred years. He likes fast cars, fast women and the ability to make them forget the little detail about him being a vampire. He’s a man who does the right thing, even when he knows it’s going to cost him—like not stepping over the line to admit his feelings to his partner. From the moment he “rescued” Alice from a mugging in a back alley he knew he was lost. That evening when he attempted to make her forget that she’d seen a vampire, she laughed. She’s continued to laugh ever since. Since no vampire can influence Alice and she can more than hold her own against any human, Hunter ends up with a new partner, one he can hardly stand to be apart from.


Action Girl

Alice can hold her own against any human – woman or man. Incapable of being influenced by any vampire’s mind control she can even keep vampires at bay. Tough, smart, and not afraid of many things, she doesn’t wait for trouble to find her. She chases it down with a vengeance.


Saving The World

The Vampire Guard is sworn to protect the residents of Central City against Panthera Laboratories.


Big BadMad Scientist

Raymond Tyrone is the surviving founder of Panthera Laboratories. After his brother met a vampire-scientist at a cancer research conference the idea for Panthera Laboratories was born. However, Raymond was less interested in using vampire blood to cure cancer and more intrigued at using vampire blood to create a superhuman army to help him take over the world.



Vampire Partner SmlHunter had seen tons of other men look at Alice, and he’d noticed the way she looked back, like she was feigning disinterest. But he knew she longed to be with someone. What woman didn’t want to be cared for, appreciated, loved? What man didn’t want those things?

He drummed his index fingers on the table. “If you win tonight’s challenge, then you get to report.”

They’d sparred many times since he stumbled upon her getting beaten in a street fight. Some guy tried mugging the wrong girl. For all intents and purposes she was kicking the crap out of the dude and she didn’t truly need his aid, but he couldn’t help sticking his nose in where it wasn’t needed.

He’d planned to make her forget, but Alice couldn’t be influenced. And that’s how it all began. Twenty-five-plus months of Hunter not having an inkling of interest in any woman other than Alice.

She sighed loudly.

“Don’t get mad, baby.” Hunter played up their ruse. “You know it’s for your own good.”

That’s the excuse he’d been using. He’d even convinced Serge and the other guys it was a good idea he train her, help her hone her rudimentary fighting skills. That truly was his intention from the start, and he reminded himself of it nightly.

But he’d be a bold-faced liar if he tried to deny the real reason he made her train each night.

“Fine. But after I kick your scrawny little ass, I’m telling Serge about this.” Her eyes darted to her left.

He wanted her alone without interruptions. At least when it was just the two of them training in the gym, he didn’t feel guilty for her not acting on her desires to find a man she loved.

“You mean if…” He winked.


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Author Bio:

JordanKRose_WEB-001 copyJordan loves vampires. She also loves to laugh. And if you know anything about Jordan, you know her vampires will make you laugh.

A few years back Jordan received a copy of Twilight from her husband as part of her anniversary gift. By the end of that week she’d read the entire series and moved onto Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Eight weeks and eighteen vampire books later the idea for her first book came to her followed very quickly by Eva Prim.

The Eva Prim Series follows the night-to-night escapades of The Demon Mistress, a vampire with the inexplicable ability to call demons. With both full-length novels and short stories the series has a bit of something for everyone.

Jordan’s newest project is a sexy short story series, Short Seductions. The Short Seductions Series is a collection of ten spicy paranormal romance short stories, each of roughly 8,000 words in length. These hot little love stories are short enough to enjoy on your lunch break, but long enough to satisfy any romance reader. Each sensual tale tells the romantic journey of a different hero and heroine.

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Jordan’s other books include Black Magic Rose, book one of The Alliance Series, where the world is set in a hospital run by vampires and werewolves; and The Central City Romance Series, where members of The Vampire Guard one-by-one find love in the ruins of the city.

When she’s not writing about one vampire or another Jordan enjoys spending time with her husband, Ken and their lovable Labrador, Dino on the beautiful beaches of New England.


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