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“Science is the seed from which enlightenment is harvested.” ~ The Gardeners.


Contrary to common belief, the Gardeners are not a botanical group. Let’s shove that myth out the window. But what are they?

An ancient movement sprung out of Syria in the 1700s led by an influential intellectual with special abilities and numerous followers. Descendants of the Gardeners bloodline are cursed with an ability to foresee the future and experience interdimensional visions. They hold one secret, one prophecy, one single piece of artifact that would salvage mankind from its corruption. It is the Unholy Grail and every greedy opportunist on the planet wants to get their hands on it, if for nothing but its archeological value.

The last descendent from the bloodline, Suddeek Hassan, is extracted from an enemy of the state prison and returned to his old post as the president’s advisor, only to find out his own government had put him there in the first place. Now, acting as a double agent, Suddeek is determined to expose the corruption and overthrow the regime. Except… the world has changed a little since he’d last seen it. The year is 2155 and ancient religions and sects have taken control of first world technology while enforcing their laws on the land. As if things weren’t bad enough, the much coveted grail had fallen in their evil hands. Lebanon survived the Technological Collapse Era, only to end up ruled by a corrupt government that massacres people to quench its thirst for power and control.

Suddeek’s friends had secrets and secret identities some of which mysteriously trace back to his own origins. Member of Parliament, Najib Jasha, has gone rogue and has built a surprisingly powerful stronghold under the tyrants’ noses. And Suddeek’s old friend, Professor Cratia, who tried to instigate the Gardeners inspired New Order before his death, well… let’s just say his legacy puts this whole thing in full circle, for his dying wish was to cleanse the region of said zealots who oppress the masses and hinder progress.

The professor’s daughter, Demo? She’s the chosen one. Armed with her own little secret that links into the New Order and Unholy Grail fiasco, she proves indispensable to solving the puzzle. Not only has she been promoted to head of intelligence and internal affairs at the presidential palace but she’s also more breath-taking than he remembers. The old man did ask him to take good care of her after he was long gone but dammit, Suddeek never thought he would find himself melting in her eyes. Don’t judge. He’s no pervert. True love knows no chronology.

With her help, they must overcome conspiracies, recover the New Order, fulfill her father’s wish, and try to remain as sane as possible. All they need is to retrieve the stolen grail first and then decipher it. Yeah, good luck with that one.

Suddeek and Demo set on their quest for origins and toppling the regime. Will they succeed in restoring technological freedom back to the masses? Will they be able to fulfill her father’s legacy and save humanity from oppression and corruption? Will they baw-chika-baw-waw and live happily ever after?

In a world of futuristic espionage, led by a Middle Eastern version of Robert Langdon, science fiction meets Da Vinci Code in a high action adventure thriller. If you’re thinking about reading this book, buckle up. You’re in for quite the ride.


Origins Elemtents


Introducing the Tropes of  Origins Demo 1

Dirty politics just got dirtier.

2155. Lebanon survives the Technological Collapse Era only to end up governed by tyrannical zealots who control higher technology.

When the unholy grail falls into their totalitarian hands, Suddeek Hassan, the grail’s only heir, finds himself on a mission to instigate an interplanetary new order with laws that originate from his own bloodline.


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Origins, Demo 1 Elements Breakdown.

This novel was designed on a 3 Act Structure and a Prophecy Twist.


Protagonist: Suddeek Hassan
GH: Guile Hero. Armed with the astuteness of his political mind and a unique clairvoyant ability, it’s no wonder Suddeek is the president’s personal advisor. Despite his past training in the military and with intelligence agencies, Suddeek’s modus operandi mostly consists of cunning conversation and verbal manipulation. You could say he can talk his way in or out of just about anything… Well, most of the time.
DYN: Dynamic Character. On his journey of self-discovery and origins, Suddeek learns more about his own heritage and what it means to become a true Gardener. We’re not talking about the botanic type either. (Who are the Gardeners?)
STW: Saves The World. Suddeek’s prime directive as he discovers his mission in life is to save the world from the after-effects of totalitarian conspiracies with interplanetary laws that originate from his own bloodline. Or is a utopia too far-fetched for mankind on Earth?


Protagonist 2: Demo Cratia
Neo: The chosen one. Demo, whose name is the main title of this series, is the chosen one. Without her, Suddeek’s attempts to complete his missions would prove impossible. Because of Demo all hell breaks loose, countries rebel, governments fall, planets connect… you see where we’re going with this. She is the one key to solving every riddle they come across. Suddeek and Demo’s pasts, present, and future are intertwined in ways they never expected.
DYN: Dynamic Character. Demo went from being an insignificant, invisible, albeit quite tech savvy genius, to an objectified cause that left mayhem in its wake. She had never been a spoiled brat, despite her privileged upbringing but her journey to maturity reaches its potential when she fulfills her father’s prophecy.
DET: The Determinator. Stubborn and determined to her own detriment, Demo would not shy away from manipulating or hurting even those who are closest to her, in order to achieve her goals. They are noble goals though. At least she seems to think so. It’s justified in that case, no?


Antagonist: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t read the book yet, skip this part. There’s a touch of a whodunit spirit to our villains in this book. However, if you have read the book, click the link below. 🙂

Antagonist elements consist of the following:

BAD: Big Bad.
VV: The Visionary Villain.


More here: http://faraheversauthor.com/origins-demo-1-antagonist/



“There seems to be a malfunction in the transporter’s influx mechanism,” a tall man in a black and white uniform reported. “There is a presence on board. I think you might want to see this, master.”

The other man turned around in his seat at a control panel. He stood up and walked toward Suddeek, studying him from head to toe.

Suddeek gawked at his doppelganger, his mouth hanging low. “You’re real.”

The other Suddeek circled around him. “Alien? Shape shifter? Time traveler?”

Suddeek shook his head, still fascinated at the sight of himself in a black and white leather suit, armed and rather muscular in comparison. “I don’t know. Where am I? Who are you?”

“I’m Suddeek Hassan, master of the Gardener’s alliance. This is my ocean-space ship, the Seven Voyager. We’re in shallow waters now. Curious as I am to know how my stunt double materialized in here, I am in the middle of something. Zakariah, show this man to one of the empty quarters.”

“No wait, I don’t have time. Please, Suddeek.” Addressing himself sounded outlandish to his ears. “I’m Suddeek Hassan as well. I am on a mission myself, and I have no idea how I ended up here or why. I often have vivid visions, but it’s like they’ve been materializing.”

Zakariah approached Suddeek with a scanner. “Signals from his corporeal form indicate a different frequency, but he is human, and he does share your exact DNA, master.”

Suddeek observed the giant view screen and noticed the red rocky formations he had visited before.

A strong flashing light flushed across.

“It’s back, master,” Zakariah said. “This is our chance to get to her before Annas.”

“Sorry, Suddeek, we’ll have to catch up another time. Invisibility mode on. I’m going out,” the other Suddeek said. He transported to the exact place where Suddeek had found him the last time he walked into this surreal vision. Zakariah zoomed in on the view screen.

Suddeek watched the other version of himself get caught by someone who resembled the cardinal. Only this guy fought with a golden cane that slithered around his body like a snake, transforming into deflective energy fields and back into a firing cane. The cardinal cuffed Suddeek number two.

“Damn,” Zakariah said. “Master, she’s at the wormhole. Should I proceed?”

“No,” came the answer through the ship’s amplifiers. “Get the cardinal.”

A woman screamed in the distance. Suddeek heard her familiar words. “You will never see me again. Neither you, nor your children, nor your children’s children…”

He watched his alternate version fall to his knees. “No. Please don’t disappear again.”

Zakariah said, “Locking on to target in three, two, one. Firing now.”

The cardinal wrapped himself in his deflector shield which sent an explosion of fire back to the ship. It shook and jolted Suddeek to the side. His head slammed into the ship’s walls, knocking him out.


Author Bio:

Farah Evers is a Science Fiction writer. Her educational background is in Interior Architecture, which plays an integral role in urban development and world building. During her entire academic and professional life, Farah integrated science fiction concepts that allowed her to create unique high-tech projects, which were considered futuristic at the time. By the same token, architecture has shaped and influenced her take on science fiction. The way she thinks and sketches out her worlds begins with the fundamentals of architectural design that always bring back memories of countless overnights, sketching, conceptualizing, and drafting out perspective sketches.

Architecture wasn’t the only factor that played a major role in her understanding of life around her. Evers has a deep interest in Middle Eastern politics, anthropology, and psychology.

Her continuous struggle with weight led up to a short career as a gym trainer. Years of research in the health and nutrition field played a dramatic role in the birth of some of her science fiction concepts and ideas.

Her first published short story appeared in an anthology book, Elements of Dimension, in 2010. Two more e-short stories from the Expressions of Grace anthology collection was published via TTM: “The Feather” & “Julio Adriane”. (Of various genres) All short stories won third place in Twin Trinity Media’s writing contest. She then moved on to focusing on her career as a Science Fiction novelist. Her first novel “Demo” is a political science fiction thriller.

You might also know Farah Evers as a professional graphic designer, award winning book cover artist, digital artist, and performer (actor/singer)


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