Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 5 #Romance @MelissaSnark

Covers 4, 5, and 6 of Viking Love Slave came as a result of my decision to turn it into a serial. Farah Evers and I had most of the cover elements down by now so 4 and 5 happened quickly and withe very few revisions.


Here you can see the original model image.

Slim young sexy girl with long curly red hair lying on white background
I wanted a redhead since the story is about Viking love slaves.


The only actual debate that went into the Book 5 cover was over colors. The first thought was to do this cover in pink or purple, but silvers wound up really bringing out the model’s beautiful hair.

Viking Love Slave 5 Teased
Final draft!


One thought on “Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 5 #Romance @MelissaSnark

  1. And the pink tones also tend to work gorgeously with the silvers.

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