Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 3 #Romance @Melissa Snark

This is another cover where I was unable to locate the original file from the stock photo site. If you’re following this blog series, then you’ll notice that Book 2 used to be subtitled “Ravished”. That title was specifically transferred to book 3 at my request to cover designer Farah Evers.


Spacy, fetish item, and red.

At this point, we had many of the cover elements down so there were fewer revisions. Also, Farah and I communicated on the color of this particular cover in advance, so there were no fuchsia nightmares. This cover underwent its next set of revisions when I decided to get rid of the fetish item and make the background more SciFiy.

Ravished Version 2 ms
Space Opera background

At some point, Farah reversed the image so the “Book 3” could appear in the proper location. You’ll notice the swap to “Book 4” in the final version which resulted from my decision to expand Viking Love Slave to a serial. (“Ravished” fits the theme of Book 4 better than Book 3.) You’re going to see an bit of orderly dissonance when I get to the next cover that is the new Book 3.

Ain’t she cute?

2 thoughts on “Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 3 #Romance @Melissa Snark

  1. Love the cover I like number 3 the best. But all three makes me want to read it.

  2. Farah Evers

    If you zoom in and scroll quickly, it looks like she’s really dancing ’cause she flips. haha!

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