Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 2 #Romance @Melissa Snark

Viking Love Slave began as a trilogy so there were originally three books in the series. I’ve searched my hard drive and was unable to locate the original model image so I’ll have to start with the first cover mock up by Farah Evers Designs.

I wish I knew all of the model’s names but unfortunately that’s not possible when you’re using stock art. You’ll notice the subtitle of this part “Ravished” gets swapped around to “Shattered” on a latter draft.


The funny thing here is that my personal aesthetics run contrary to pink, but it’s one of Farah’s go-to color palettes for erotic. I believe my initial reaction to this particular shade of fuchsia sounded something like “SQUAWK!”

Viking Love Slave Part 1 Dark RavishedMS
Blinded by the Pinkness

Much whining resulted in a color change.

Viking Love Slave Part 1 Dark RavishedMS4
No more pink

Then the subtitle changed.

Subtitle changed

The background change happened to make it look more Sci-Fiy.

Shattered New Version 2 ms
Space Opera Revision

And finally a zoom out!

Viking Love Slave 2 Shattered
Final version!

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  1. Farah Evers

    Yes those covers went through many a process. lol Fun to see all the phases.

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