Mid-year Writing Goals Check

A friend did a blog post reassessing her progress on her writing goals. I’m highly goal-oriented so I decided to go ahead and do the same.

I wrote this post back in January 2015. Ironically, I had a cold then, and I’ve got one now.


2015 New Years Writing Goals:

1. Edit and publish Valkyrie’s Vengeance, the expanded book #0 in Loki’s Wolves.

Goal status:  accomplished.

2. Finish, edit, and publish Mated Hearts, book #2 in my Mating Games series.

Goal status: incomplete.

3. Finished, edit, and publish Viking Love Slave as a three part series.

Goal status: Work in Progress. (With the caveat that this has expanded into a massive 6 novella series. I’m current revising and expanding the introduction. Approx word count is 80K.)

4. Finish Hell on High Heels. Edit. Maybe publish.

Goal status: On hold. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with this manuscript. Intend to return to it next year and make it part of a new dark fantasy series.

5. Complete a first draft of Trickster.

Goal status: Work in Progress. Trickster is now called Moon Snatcher and the current word count is around 70K.

6. Wish more than resolution… I’d love to see another novella made into an audiobook.

Goal status: On hold. I’m so not ready to take this on.


Shiny things that have distracted me along the way.

  • A Cat’s Tale released in March as part of the Alphas Gone Wild Boxed set. Lots of promotion associated with the release.
  • Wrote and subbed Going Viral to Analog.
  • Wrote a first draft of a SciFi humor short called A Matter of Policy.
  • Revised an old trunk novel and published under a different pen name.
  • Blog stuff, newsletter stuff, and a convention.

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