New Release: Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden (Boxed Set) #Paranormal #Romance

MastersOfTheHuntFinal-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500Kneel before the Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden, a stunning collection featuring over 15 Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance Alpha Hunter Tales, featuring NYT, USA Today and National Bestselling Authors!

From sprawling Gothic cityscapes and vivid fairy tale worlds, to ball-busting urban fantasy huntresses, to heart-stopping assassin bad boys, we’ve brought together a collection of authors who want to take you on an amazing, fantastical, and emotional journey. Steal an adventure with a swashbuckling dragon slayer. Hunt with the hounds. And fall in love (and lust) with the animal in every hunter.

Anthology Includes: Slayers & Assassins, Alphas, Hunters & Huntresses, Guardians & Protectors, Marshals & Special Forces, Trackers & Scientists, Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy, Futuristic, Fairy Tales, Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Sweet & Erotic Romance, Fated Mates & Forbidden Lovers, Witches, Wizards & Werewolves, Dragons, Demons & Devils, Magic, Ghosts, Billionaires and so much more!


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Get this limited time box set now! Over $50 worth of titles boxed into one collection!

MOTH_3D coverIncluding these exciting new titles:

Elianne Adams – Call of the Dragon

Sarra Cannon – Sacrifice Me (Season One)

Nicole Ciacchella – A House Divided

Hailey Edwards – Heir of the Dog

Ann Gimpel – Earth’s Requiem

Ramona Gray – The Vampire’s Kiss & The Vampire’s Love

Charlene Hartnady – Skin

Ellis Leigh – Savage Surrender

Anna Lowe – Desert Hunt

Anne Marsh – Pleasured by the Pack

Crista McHugh – Poisoned Web

Amber Ella Monroe – Donor

Tina Moss – Code Black

Annie Nicholas – Bait

Diana St. Gabriel – Escaping Forever

Holley Trent – Prince in Leather





Excerpt from Desert Hunt: the Prequel to the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch by Anna Lowe.  One of 16 all-new titles included in the Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden Boxed Set.

“Getting ready to kill someone?”

He heard the words before even realizing they were his own, murmured in her ear. Somehow, the last couple of steps had happened all on their own. And somehow, his voice was steady despite the blood hammering in his ears.

Rae tensed, though she casually brushed a lock of hair behind an ear as if she weren’t surprised to find a near-stranger right at her side.

“Depends,” she muttered.

“Depends on what?”

“Depends on how much someone pisses me off.”

Okay, so he’d snuck up on her. Stealing up unnoticed was one of his best tricks. Coyotes knew stealth—one of the few things about that part of his ancestry that did him any good.

She was playing it cool, but his coyote caught the flare of her nostrils, the pink flush on her cheeks. Either she was annoyed at being caught off guard or she liked having him this close.

Maybe a little of both. His coyote grinned and decided to push a little more.

Never mind that he was supposed to be keeping guys away from her.

Of course not, his coyote huffed. We’re just doing our job. Keeping a close eye on her.

Right. Not showing inappropriate interest. Not salivating over whatever it was about her that was so…so…irresistible.

Well, trying not to, anyway.

“And what does it take to piss you off?” the coyote made him say.

She kept her eyes firmly fixed on the target. “You don’t want to find out.”

Zip! The arrow’s flight sounded different from up close, but the effect was the same: another shaft nestled amongst the dozen bristling from the bull’s-eye. Part of him wouldn’t have minded if that arrow had gone wide of its mark, giving away her emotions. But she was cool, calm, collected.

He hid a smile. He’d been worried about other men getting too close to Rae, but clearly, this woman was not someone to mess with. And yet she let him this close. Why?

“Calling it open season on straw targets?”

“Archery season on pronghorn opens next week,” she murmured, lips against the string.

“You like to hunt?”

“I like to chase.”

So do I, his wolf nodded, licking his lips.

For a moment, he wondered if she’d somehow caught that. Because her lips parted and her shoulder dipped ever so slightly—just enough to make him wonder if she felt it, too. This link. This pull. Like the two of them were a couple of wobbly magnets suspended in that moment of truth before the poles finally made up their minds on whether they’d line up or repel.

“So what’s the bow for, if you’re just going to chase?”

She fingered the barbed tip. “Just in case.”

“In case of what?”

He watched Rae’s eyes close on some ugly memory and regretted the question immediately. Wary fingers stroked the shaft like a talisman, and just like that, her easygoing veneer had vanished, revealing something hard and angry beneath.

“In case I find the right kind of prey.”

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