If I died… #Humor

…I’m pretty sure Miss Bear would wind up as a working girl on an oil rig if she were raised by single-father Mr. Snark.

An errand took me out of the house this morning. I returned to Miss Bear eating a huge pile of French Fries.

My hands flew into the air and my voice followed. “French fries for breakfast!”

“Yeah!” Miss Bear smirked. Her precious little mouth had a red smear of ketchup which streaked her cheek.

Turning to Mr. Snark, I repeated, “French fries for breakfast!”

Mr. Snark: “She asked for them.”

“That doesn’t mean we give them to her! What were you thinking?”

Mr. Snark: “She wanted Oreos but I said no.”

“That’s your defense?”


One thought on “If I died… #Humor

  1. Pamela Talley

    Priceless…I handed my Kindle to my husband, Neal, saying read this. He did , then said, “Makes perfect sense to me.” Must be something in thier genes.

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