The Snarkology: He’s so hot his kilt’s on fire! KILTS ABLAZE #humor

Kilts Ablaze750KILTS ABLAZE

Genre: Historical Scottish Firemen Romance

Cover Artiste: Farah Evers Designs

The heat is on…

Book 1 in the Blazing Kilts of Scottish Firemen series is sure to be the hottest historical Scottish firemen romance read of the year.

English bastards raped and murdered Angus Wallace’s secret child bride. Despite the trauma, he recovered. Three months later, he married the real love of his life, Mollie, a plaid seamstress from Dublin.

One evening their Scottish terrier ran away. Angus went out to search for the little bugger. Tragedy struck when he got hit on the head by a rampaging livery. Rendered forgetful by amnesia, Angus took up a new life as a member of Fire Company 95.

Grief stricken, Mollie never recovered from her loss even though she adopted a new dog.

Haunted for years by images of spinning wheels and knitting needles, Angus begins a revolt and leads Scottish warriors against the cruel English tyrants who rule Scotland with an iron fist.

When Mollie’s house catches fire, will Angus put down his mobile phone long enough to save her?



“Whaur is ma kilt, Mollie? A’m aff tae rammy fur Scotland’s freedom fae they sassenach bastards!”

Mollie sobbed. “Oh, na, Angus! Please dinnae gang tae rammy th’ sassenach bastards wha rule Scootlund wi’ an iron fist! We’ve ainlie juist fun ilk ither again efter decades apairt. We ur twa beats o’ th’ identical hert, ye stubborn, idiotic man!”

“I’m sorry, Mollie, bit afore god ‘n’ jimmy, ah hae tae gang rammy fur Scots freedom against thaim sassenach bastards wha rule Scootlund wi’ an iron fist!”

Mollie choked on her final sob. “Oh, gey weel then.”

“Just promise me yin final thing, wifie. Afore ah go.”


“Promise me ye’ll keep th’ damn dug ben this time!”


Brilliant Trailer by Farah Evers Designs:


I owe a big thanks to Farah Evers for her help in putting this presentation together. The spectacular cover and brilliant book trailer are her genius. So thank you, Farah! I had a blast working on this with you.


English to Scottish translation courtesy of

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3 thoughts on “The Snarkology: He’s so hot his kilt’s on fire! KILTS ABLAZE #humor

  1. Pamela Talley

    Needed a good laugh this morning. BuzzFeed has a great spoof on book titles and covers and they are real

  2. Ashantay Peters

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Farah Evers

    LOL man, this thing cracks me up every time I stumble across it. Sure was fun to create with you, Snarky. 🙂

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