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Dastardly Villains

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When you say the word villain, some immediately picture monsters while others think of a mustache twirling, loud roaring scoundrel. Should it really be that black and white? If your antagonist bursts into laughter at the slightest bit of wickedness, it’s time you go back to the drawing board. Otherwise, you’ll be presenting your audience with a literary love-child cutout of Dick Dastardly and Cruella De Ville.

Due to my fascination with serial killers and true crime, I dedicated years to reading about real life villains or watching interviews/documentaries. This made me—I won’t say empathize—but just have a sense of where most villains come from. Were they born evil? Were they motivated by society? Why are some people true psychopaths? As I began delving deeper into the research, I connected with the humanity behind their psyches. Of course I couldn’t connect with brain defects with which most of them are born. However, that sense in itself is the true fodder for a 100% believable bad guy.

In Origins, Demo book 1, my antagonists (yes, I had several) were all driven by their own goals and needs. They were nice, regular people who were propelled by various factors and for various reasons. One character was greedy and jealous but he really needed to be because he had been eyeing a position in the government for a long time and the tides had never turned in his favor. Another villain had the people’s best interest at heart. He had good intentions but somehow lost himself to the world of political greed and power. And so on…

Getting you to a point where you can almost feel for the antagonist—or if not, perhaps give them a nod of understanding to why they are being such assholes is something I keep in mind during character development.

I enjoy writing bad guys so much that I’ve created 2 protagonists, in various projects, who are actually antagonists at the same time. It’s risky business but I am sincerely fascinated by the psychological dichotomy that could exist within any of us.



Origins AnimatedTitle: Origins, Demo book 1

Publisher: RoboImprint

Date Published: December 27, 2014

Genre: Political Science Fiction Thriller

Word Count: 84k

Blurb: Dirty politics just got dirtier.

2155. Lebanon survives the Technological Collapse Era only to end up governed by tyrannical zealots who control higher technology.

When the unholy grail falls into their totalitarian hands, Suddeek Hassan, the grail’s only heir, finds himself on a mission to instigate an interplanetary new order with laws that originate from his own bloodline.


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“There seems to be a malfunction in the transporter’s influx mechanism,” a tall man in a black and white uniform reported. “There is a presence on board. I think you might want to see this, master.”

The other man turned around in his seat at a control panel. He stood up and walked toward Suddeek, studying him from head to toe.

Suddeek gawked at his doppelganger, his mouth hanging low. “You’re real.”

The other Suddeek circled around him. “Alien? Shape shifter? Time traveler?”

Suddeek shook his head, still fascinated at the sight of himself in a black and white leather suit, armed and rather muscular in comparison. “I don’t know. Where am I? Who are you?”

“I’m Suddeek Hassan, master of the Gardener’s alliance. This is my ocean-space ship, the Seven Voyager. We’re in shallow waters now. Curious as I am to know how my stunt double materialized in here, I am in the middle of something. Zakariah, show this man to one of the empty quarters.”

“No wait, I don’t have time. Please, Suddeek.” Addressing himself sounded outlandish to his ears. “I’m Suddeek Hassan as well. I am on a mission myself, and I have no idea how I ended up here or why. I often have vivid visions, but it’s like they’ve been materializing.”

Zakariah approached Suddeek with a scanner. “Signals from his corporeal form indicate a different frequency, but he is human, and he does share your exact DNA, master.”

Suddeek observed the giant view screen and noticed the red rocky formations he had visited before.

A strong flashing light flushed across.

“It’s back, master,” Zakariah said. “This is our chance to get to her before Annas.”

“Sorry, Suddeek, we’ll have to catch up another time. Invisibility mode on. I’m going out,” the other Suddeek said. He transported to the exact place where Suddeek had found him the last time he walked into this surreal vision. Zakariah zoomed in on the view screen.


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Author Bio:

BWheadshot 3Farah Evers is a Science Fiction writer. Her educational background is in Interior Architecture, which plays an integral role in urban development and world building. During her entire academic and professional life, Farah integrated science fiction concepts that allowed her to create unique high-tech projects, which were considered futuristic at the time. By the same token, architecture has shaped and influenced her take on science fiction. The way she thinks and sketches out her worlds begins with the fundamentals of architectural design that always bring back memories of countless overnights, sketching, conceptualizing, and drafting out perspective sketches.

Architecture wasn’t the only factor that played a major role in her understanding of life around her. Evers has a deep interest in Middle Eastern politics, anthropology, and psychology (namely sociopathy and psychopathy)

Her continuous struggle with weight led up to a short career as a gym trainer. Years of research in the health and nutrition field played a dramatic role in the birth of some of her science fiction concepts and ideas.

Her first published short story appeared in an anthology book, Elements of Dimension, in 2010. Two more e-short stories from the Expressions of Grace anthology collection was published via TTM: “The Feather” & “Julio Adriane”. (Of various genres) All short stories won third place in Twin Trinity Media’s writing contest. She then moved on to focusing on her career as a Science Fiction novelist. Her first novel “Demo” is a political science fiction thriller.

You might also know Farah Evers as a professional graphic designer, award winning book cover artist, digital artist, and performer (actor/singer)


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  1. Farah Evers

    Thank you so much for hosting this and having me, Melissa. It’s such a fun topic. 🙂


      Farah, Welcome and thank you for participating. I share your approach to writing villains. The best ones always seem to be the ones that would be the protagonists of another story if it were only being told from another perspective. 🙂

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  2. Great excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I enjoyed the post about villains and their intentions. Good luck with “Origins, Demo Book 1”

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  5. I’m impressed with the research you’ve put into the study of villains. I’m sure that makes for realistic, well-motivated villains in your writing.

  6. Farah, your excerpt is great. I love sci-fi and fantasy & followed you on twitter (@TheNoviceWriter). Good luck.

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    Rochelle, followed you as well. 😀

  8. Wonderful post! I find that most of my antagonists are very self-centered and not above stepping on people to get what they want. Other than that they could be just an average Joe or Jane.

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    Fantastic excerpt can’t wait to read the rest!

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    Thank you for the wonderful excerpt and info about villains…a love a good complex villain that you almost want to like.

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