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Dastardly Villains

The only thing more fun than reading a dastardly villain, is writing one. Of course, it’s not always easy. Villains need as much attention and forethought as the hero and heroine, because their background, their details, their motives can do so much for a story. In my opinion, they help the story the most in four main ways – Balance, Conflict, Believability, and Interest.

  • Balance. A demon and an angel will both make a pretty good plea – Equally matched and equally motivated with opposing interests. In the same way good and evil balance out the world, a villain and a hero can balance out a story. Sometimes the hero is faced with overwhelming odds, but most often, the villain and hero should be well-balanced to make the odds fair. Authors don’t want to make the hero’s journey too hard, but we don’t want to make it too easy either or there is no conflict.
  • Conflict. Without conflict, there is no story. Not every story has a villain, but every story must have conflict and struggle or it won’t be interesting enough to engage readers.
  • Believability. Why would anyone go against the story’s hero? Hopefully, throughout a book you will slowly uncover the villain’s reasoning and begin to understand why they are the way they are and why they do the things they do. This adds depth, meaning, and even empathy for the villain which makes them believable.
  • Interest. I’d wager everyone has seen an episode of CSI or a related crime show. Why? People are naturally curious about the psychological profile of criminals. It’s interesting to find out what drove the villain to his actions. A villain doesn’t have to be a criminal, of course, but it’s the same concept. I prefer highly intelligent villains because I find them damn interesting. And if they’re sexy too… Score!

trilogyIn the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy, I had a ton of fun with my dastardly villain, Malik Drake. Throughout the first two books, he is accurately defined as ‘a savage predator whose favorite pastimes include violence, cruelty, and psychological mindfucks.’ As a vampire, he has lived and killed for centuries. Alone. He spoiled himself. He gave into his every desire, took whomever he wanted, mastered in game play, and mostly, he thrived off human fear and screams that made him feel alive.

If I were to ask Malik what he feared, the answer would be simple. Boredom.

He is the villain in book 1, a strong antagonistic force in book 2, and in book 3, he actually became a hero! Crazy, right? How could a creature as dastardly as Malik possibly become worthy of the title hero?

Just like regular people, great, believable villains don’t change overnight. They must confront their past actions, they must learn to feel remorse for what they’ve done, and sometimes, they even have to go through hell to make up for their downfall. For Malik, it took 18 years and an innocent redhead who asked him to give up his greatest conquest.

Did he redeem himself? Check out the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy, and you be the judge. J

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Wanted: Vampire – Written in Blood

Book 3 in the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Adult


When Annabelle Cox is forced to return to her hometown of Medford, she is anxious to tell a certain vampire he’s had her heart for years. Malik Drake is sexy as hell and completely irresistible, but the bad boy is also engaged to marry her mother the moment her father dies.

Ignoring the complications, she’s determined to tell him how she feels in hopes of changing his plans for the future. But the closer she gets to him, the more powerful a hidden adversary becomes, and their sizzling attraction may not stand a chance in Hell.

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About the Author

Lisa Rayns, author of the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy, weaves romantic stories rich with action, suspense, and her own personal flavor of the paranormal. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and Siamese cat. For more information about Lisa and her books, visit her website.


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