New Release: Alphas Gone Wild (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) #Contest

Some alphas are too wild to tame, but our sassy heroines enjoy a beast in the sheets. It’s feminine wiles and wanton shenanigans as each of these ladies comes up against the man of her dreams.

Alphas Gone Wild features 11 sizzling hot tales of shapeshifter romance from NY Times and USA Today best selling authors.


Available for Only 99 Cents



To celebrate the release of Alphas Gone Wild, I’m sponsoring a giveaway for an ebook copy of the boxed set. Please leave a comment on this post telling me what shifter species you love best! I’ll choose a winner via by Friday.

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Touch of Alpha by Catherine Vale
When Denver is given the chance to become Alpha of his clan he must choose a mate. Unfortunately, the obvious choice isn’t the one his heart agrees with.

Pack Justice by Michelle Fox
Sabrina’s been a naughty werewolf, two-timing alphas from different packs. When her lovers find out the truth, they arrange for a little pack justice.

A Cat’s Tale by Melissa Snark
Alpha werewolf Jared wakes up in a vampire’s dungeon, swearing revenge upon the wily Siamese werecat who lured him there. To escape, he seduces the skittish puss and teaches her a hot, hard lesson.

Wild for the Lion by Kristen Strassel
After she’s claimed by a lion, Daphne must learn to embrace her wild side if she wants to survive as the only weredeer against Soldier Mountain’s jealous pride.

Masked Desire by Crystal Dawn
Heart-broken over his soul mate’s unwillingness to mate with him, Luke plans to lure her into spending a night of passion to change her mind.

Dragon’s Dewdrop by Ruby Glass
When Rochelle discovers jewels scattered like dewdrops over her gorgeous employer’s lawn, she plans to profit. In fact, the gems are a sign that he’s a dragon shifter – and that he’ll need her help…

Cat Lover by Selena Kitt
Sebastian and Katie are having relationship issues when her ex shows up to complicate things, but that’s the least of their worries, because Katie is finally changing—into something not quite human.

Ravished by The Ice Palace Pack by Ariana Hawkes
The Ice Palace Pack capture a young were-female as part of their winter mating rites. Delilah’s never been mated before, but soon learns the pleasures of being shared between so many smoking-hot males

Harvest Moon by Tabitha Conall
In a world where werewolves mate in threes, wolves Donovan and Eli find their mate in Maddy. But a mad wolf wants Maddy for his own. Can her mates keep her safe before she disappears forever?

Alphas Gone Wild-1Getting Bear by Ever Coming
Getting Bear is a stand alone erotic romance featuring a sexy werebear shifter determined to claim his curvy mate before her time in Greenville is over.

Desired by Alisa Woods
Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, from dot-com billionaires to college students. Mia hopes being a shifter won’t sabotage her college dreams. Lucas is a broken alpha not looking to rescue anyone… but now he has to keep Mia safe. If only he could keep his paws off her.

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5 thoughts on “New Release: Alphas Gone Wild (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) #Contest

  1. Robert Grieco

    Hot Hot Hot!

  2. Mina Gerhart

    I’ve always loved shifter cats, big cats, house cats, you name it! Congrats on the release of Alphas Gone Wild. I LOVE the blurb for your story 🙂

    Mindy 🙂


      Congratulations, I rolled #2 on so you’re my ebook winner for Alpha’s Gone Wild. I’ll send a gifted Amazon copy along in a moment. 🙂

  3. Pamela Talley

    I love most shifters but, to pick the one I would be unable to resist, it would have to be wolf. They are devoted and so protective. They have a fierce code of ethics. Love them. Also really like cats; big cats. little cats a and house cats. They are a little less rabid when it comes to the female having some freedom. Casts miscreant detectives

  4. Angie Broadhurst

    I love all shifter books but if I had to choose one it would be the wolf

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