Those Dastardly Villains #amwriting

Dastardly Villains

Heartless boss.

Mad scientist.

Wicked witch.

Corrupt politician.

Malicious mother-in-law.

What do they have in common?

They’re Those Dastardly Villains. Every story needs bad guys or the heroine would sit around twiddling her thumbs and checking Facebook.

In April, the Snarkology is hosting a guest blogger series with themed posts celebrating the foes and enemies who made our stories possible.

Please find the event calendar below.

April 2 Lisa Rayns
April 3 Kayden Claremont
April 7 Laura Strickland
April 8 Carmen Stefanescu
April 9 Farah Evers
April 10 Jana Richards
April 14 Judy Ann Davis
April 15 Margo Bond Collins
April 16 Maureen Bonatch
April 17 MJ Compton
April 21 Christy Effinger
April 22 JC. Conway
April 23 Claire de Lune
April 24 Sydney St. Claire
April 28 Augustina Van Hoven
April 29 Mary Kennedy Eastham
April 30 Andrea Downing
May 1 Mari Christie

22 thoughts on “Those Dastardly Villains #amwriting

  1. Augustina VanHoven April 28, 29 or 30

  2. april 27th

  3. April 20 or 21. Thanks!

  4. I love that you’re always giving us challenging Guest Post opportunities.
    Dates that could work for me: April 21st, 24th, 28th, 29th or 30th. Happy Friday!

  5. Would love this, Melissa, any date from 25 April on.

  6. April 2nd through the 6th would work. Thank you for opportunity! Lisa Rayns lisarayns @ gmail . com

  7. Farah Evers

    I’ll sign up last for whatever date remaining.

  8. May I have April 17 or 24th?

  9. Any date in early April will work for me. I’ve just released my new Steampunk Romance and boy, do I have a villain for you!

  10. Any date in April will do for me. Thanks! (P.S.-Voted in Fantasy section of L&S Reviews. Good Luck.)

  11. Earlier in the month would work best for me, but whatever date you have available. Thanks for setting this up.

  12. I’m flexible as to the date, but if I have to choose, probably April 10 or 14. Thanks!

  13. I’d prefer a tues or thurs 16th or 21st or 23rd if you still have openings, thanks!

  14. If it’s still open, I’d take April 15th.


      Unfortunately, that date is already taken.

  15. April 24, 26, 30 please or any date you have free in last two weeks of April

  16. I checked what the previous authors requested and I see I can choose days at the beginning of April.
    So: 7, 8 or 9th April are OK with me.

    Or whatever date you find available.
    Thank you, greatly for such an interesting promo opportunity!

  17. I would love the 15th. If not available, then the 22nd?
    This is a great idea. I love my villains!


  18. Oops. See 15th is gone. 22nd is good if open. alternatively, 23rd. Thanks!

  19. Give me a date – any date! I’ve got a really wicked sorceress to share.


  20. Well bummer! I see they are all taken. I’d love to have the chance to be on your blog. It looks great!



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