Battle Cry receives a 5 star review from Long and Short Reviews

5 Star Rating LASRBattle Cry received a wonderful 5 Star review from Long and Short Reviews on Feb. 2, 2015. I was given the cool blue banner to display, but I’m more thrilled to be able to share the wonderful review with you.


Victoria Storm, an alpha she-wolf, has tried to build a new life for her pack, but events quickly transpire that threaten not only her small decimated pack, but indeed the entire mortal world. If that weren’t enough, the Norse Fates predict that she will destroy the world in her attempt to save her daughter, as yet unborn. Worse than that, she suddenly finds herself in conflict between her duties as Freya’s priestess and her responsibilities as Odin’s Valkyrie.



Victoria is a very strong protagonist with a good heart. She’s well aware of the fact that there are no males in her pack and both that fact and the size of the pack make them all very vulnerable. She has a connection to the Hunters, but at the moment the alliance between the Hunters and the wolves has been broken because the head of the hunters, Jake Barrett, holds the wolves responsible for the death of one of his sons.



As Victoria and Jake try to sort out the truth of the past raids and also fight a horde of vampires, the reality of the situation begins to reveal itself. This novel makes brilliant use of the Norse gods and Norse mythology. The fact that the gods are involved, particularly Loki, adds a real depth to this plot. Both Victoria and Jake know what is prophesied, but will that be more apt to happen if they act? Or if they don’t act? There are tough decisions to be made, but one thing is certain. If the Hunters and wolves can’t re-establish their treaty and learn to work together, everyone will be destroyed.



This is the second novel in the series, but it can stand alone. I have read Hunger Moon, the first novel, and I do recommend reading them in order, but there is plenty of backstory woven into this one, so that new readers will be able to enjoy Battle Cry in all its excitement. The characters are well drawn and the plot is filled with action. It ends at a reasonable stopping point, as the stage is set for the next in the series. I hope the saga continues soon.



Fantasy lovers are in for a real treat when they read Battle Cry.

Reviewed by Cyclamen on Feb. 5, 2014

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