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I think one of the most common questions a writer gets asked is “Why do you write?” I’ve answered in many different ways depending on who was asking. But the basic truth of my response is always the same. I write because I love telling stories, specifically those of the steamy romance genre. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than creating memorable characters in spicy situations from nothing more than my imagination. I specialize in short fiction. It’s my passion. I often categorize my publications as “30-minute Romance Reads” or “Lunch Break Romance”—think a sandwich with a side of sexy prose. But my short reads aren’t just for lunch; they’re perfect for the bus or train ride home. They’re a wonderful distraction while in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. They’re absolutely decadent while soaking in a nice, relaxing bubble bath. And they make perfect adult bedtime stories. When my steamy romance is read aloud to a spouse or significant other, sleep will magically take a back seat.

In today’s hustle and bustle world, I find it more and more enjoyable to read shorter fiction. When I’m feeling overwhelmed by my hectic schedule—and, who doesn’t have one of those?—the last thing I want to do is feel overwhelmed by a book the size of War and Peace. I love the idea of being able to lose myself in a guiltless 30-45 minute read. It gives me the best of both worlds. I can keep charging through life while still having time to recharge my battery over a hot, delicious romance.  I believe that there are many women who feel exactly as I do. And it is my pleasure to entertain them with my sexy short stories and novellas.

I work hard to create full-bodied story lines and well-developed, relatable characters, making sure that my short reads pack a powerful punch. Through fast-paced, tight writing, fleshed out with just enough background, I am able to give my readers a full-length novel experience in a compact package. I take a great deal of pride in providing a temporary respite that can be enjoyed in a timely fashion for those who need it most. I am moved beyond words when something I create offers someone a means of escape from reality even if it’s only for a little while. Today’s woman is juggling it all. She needs those literary mini-vacations to balance out her day. It is my goal to bring her heart-pumping, steamy romance that easily fits into her busy lifestyle.

Dominant Seduction: The Complete Series combines three intense and romantic volumes: Discipline and Desire, Demanding Desires and Dominating Delights. This book is one of my best sellers. I hope you’ll take a look.


Title: Dominant Seduction: The Complete Series

Publisher: Targheda Press

Date Published: July 22, 2014

Genre: Steamy Romance

Word Count: 24,034 (160 pages)

Available on Amazon

Brett and Karen have been married for sixteen wonderful years. They are good together in every way. But Karen believes they can be great together, especially in the bedroom.  She is tired of sex by the numbers and living vicariously through her erotic romance novels. She longs for adventure and figures the best way to get it is to unleash her husband’s inner beast. If she can keep her courage up, Karen is certain she can dismantle Brett’s deep-rooted need for self-discipline in the bedroom. She is determined to do whatever it takes to convince him to explore the enticing, seductive side of domination and submission. Come join them on a heart-stopping ride to carnal bliss.


Excerpt: (Explicit)

Checking her look in the mirror, she was pleased. The reflection staring back at her was a woman glowing with desire and anticipation. Wavy, long, brown hair cascaded over her statuesque shoulders. Firm breasts, tapered waist, full hips and shapely legs all fit together to form a perfect portrait of sensuality. Her hand fluttered over her chest as she tried to take a calming breath. The last thing she wanted to do was hyperventilate.

She was inhaling slowly and deeply when she heard Brett’s car coming down the drive. On unsteady legs, she walked to the kitchen door leading to the garage. She just stood there as he cut the engine, her mouth going dry and her palms getting sweaty.

The car door slammed shut while her heart slammed against her ribcage. Every muscle in her body grew taut, and she was unable to move when she heard Brett insert his key into the door knob. Her breathing quickened and her eyes grew wide as she watched the knob turn and the door open.

With a devilish grin playing at the corner of his mouth, Brett said, “Daddy’s home.”

Karen bit her bottom lip. Her eyes soaked in the sight of her Master. He had obviously showered at the dojo, and in lieu of his gi he now wore snug Levis and a black-as-coal T-shirt. He looked edgy but relaxed. Karen couldn’t find her voice.

“What’s wrong, baby girl? Cat got your tongue?”

“No. I—l—”

“You what?” he asked, advancing on her. Desire filled his grey eyes, turning them several shades darker.

Karen put her hands behind her as she backed slowly away from him. Just a few steps more and her backside was flush against the refrigerator.

“I’m happy to see you,” she said nervously. “That’s all.”

Brett planted his big hands against the rectangular appliance on either side of her head. She could feel the heat from his breath caressing her cheek. She was dying to have his hands on her.

“Before I touch you, we need to decide on a safe word.”

Karen shook her head. “Don’t be silly. We don’t need one.”

Brett furrowed his brow and clenched his jaw. “I say we do. I need to know that if things get too rough—if I get too rough—you have a built-in safety net. This is not optional. Now pick a damn word.”

Karen only hesitated for a few moments. It was obvious to her that not having a safe word would be a deal breaker for her husband. If she wanted him to engage in dominate sex play, she would have to play by his rules.


The tension in Brett’s jaw slackened, and a smile crinkled his eyes. “You do love peaches. That’s a perfect safe word. Good girl.”

Karen smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.

He nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear, “I believe I owe you a spanking.”

She shivered. He took her dainty hand in his and led her into the living room. He sat down on their over-stuffed sofa and motioned for her to lie facedown across his lap.

She could barely contain herself as she complied with his demand. With her arms resting on either side of her head, her face luxuriated in the soft fabric of the cushion. Her butt was propped up in the air as she anxiously awaited her punishment. Her heart actually skipped a beat in anticipation as her Master placed one hand firmly on the nape of her neck and, with the other, gently massaged the back of her thighs.

“Just relax, baby girl.”

His hands felt so warm and soothing. She moaned as her very bones melted under his masterful touch. The moment she became fully subdued, she felt his fingertips slide beneath her mini-skirt. Her pulse spiked, and she gasped.

He was pushing her skirt up to the top of her hips, revealing her firm, round, lace-pantied ass. His large hand covered both cheeks at the same time as he firmly kneaded her flesh. He continued caressing her through her panties until she was panting with want.

“Please, Brett.”

“Uh-oh, I’m afraid that’s going to earn you an extra smack on that sweet bottom.”

Shit! She silently reprimanded herself. She was supposed to call him Master or Daddy. Very quickly she made amends. “I’m sorry, Master. It won’t happen again.”

Brett chuckled. “I know it won’t,” he said as he pulled down her panties to reveal the creamy, flawless flesh of her ass. She tried to lift her head, but he firmly held it against the cushion, raised his other hand and delivered the first slap.


Author Bio:

Lynn Blog PhotoLynn Cooper grew up in a small town in South Carolina with big dreams of becoming a ventriloquist. She ordered her first and last dummy from a Sears catalog. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was never going to be able to talk without moving her lips.

She got married at the age of twenty-three and worked for a decade in the health field as a surgical technologist and later as a dental assistant. When she grew tired of looking at people’s innards, she decided to give writing a try. As it turns out, she’s pretty good at it. 

Lynn lives to write steamy romance. It is her greatest desire to create stories that entertain and provide a sensual escape for all the amazing women who need one.


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