The Write Pet: The Story of Aaron from Alabama by Jeanine McAdam #amwriting

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IMG_0727Four years ago our chocolate Labrador Aaron came to us via a Rescue Road Trips truck from the Deep South. Aaron had been found abandoned in the town of Gordo, Alabama. There was talk of the sheriff shooting him because Gordo is poor and does not have any animal control facilities.

Thankfully a wonderful group of animal rights activists were able to catch Aaron before the sheriff got him. Unfortunately when they found Aaron his entire backside was bare of hair from flea and tick bites, plus he had heartworm and he was unneutered.

Lucky for Aaron the folks from Labs 4 Rescue came to his aid. He moved in with a wonderful woman named Kristy and her seven other foster dogs. Before long Aaron was healing and sleeping in Kristy’s bed. Even though he had a rough start Aaron was not a tough dog. Sweet and loving with a need to be petted regularly was Aaron’s disposition.

After Aaron completely healed he was made available for adoption on the Labs 4 Rescue web site. My husband found him and it was love at first sight for us. Without meeting Aaron he was shipped North to us through Rescue Road Trips. During the two-day journey volunteers walked him and posted pictures of him on Facebook. When the eighteen-wheeler full of rescued dogs (plus a few cats) crossed the Mason-Dixon line the driver posted “Free at Last”. On a cold February morning we met the truck at a parking lot in Rockland County.

IMG_1016First the little dogs came off and then it was the medium sized dogs. As we waited watching families greet their pets we got more anxious wondering what our seventy-pound Aaron was going to be like.   Finally, with his legs going every which way and a roll in his back, Aaron came off the truck. Besides being freaked out about his new environment he was thirsty, hungry and ready to be loved by his ‘forever family’.

Because we had such a great experience with Aaron and he fit into our family perfectly we adopted Desi (Desdemona) from a kill shelter in Georgia two years later. She loves Aaron just a much as we do and he never grows tired of getting licked (kissed) by her. Every night I watch my two ‘rescue’ dogs curl up in their bed together and I’m thankful they are apart of our family.



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Sexy bull rider Caleb Cooper keeps falling off his bull and hitting his head. Smart neuroscience graduate student Carrie Wang is studying him. There’s just one problem, Carrie’s attracted to her broad-shouldered research subject. But she shouldn’t be, because Carrie is pregnant with Charles Winston’s baby. However, that one-night-stand occurred in a beaker closet and Charles wants nothing to do with her or the child.

Besides being handsome in a long-haired, scruffy sort-of-way, Caleb Cooper is kind and quirky. Carrie can’t stop touching him and their unprofessional attraction is mutual. Problems abound when Carrie’s traditional Chinese mother and Charles come to the rodeo. Carrie’s mother wants her to hook a husband and Charles wants Carrie to give the baby up for adoption. Carrie knows she could never let a stranger raise her child. Can Carrie go against everyone’s wishes and raise the baby on her own? Or could Caleb become a father to this child?

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About me:

Jeanine McAdam is a writer of twenty-five romantic short stories, a few spicy anthologies and three cowboy books. Telling stories about imperfect people finding perfect love is her thing.  Even though she lives in New York City she’s fascinated with the American west.  She’s currently writing about bull riders and the spunky urban women who adore them in her Skirts and Spurs Trilogy. When she’s not writing she spends time with her teenage sons, ultra marathon running husband and rescue Labrador retrievers named Desdemona (Desi) and Aaron.


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4 thoughts on “The Write Pet: The Story of Aaron from Alabama by Jeanine McAdam #amwriting

  1. Awww, Aaron is a charmer. Lucky all round you got together.
    Bull Rider and the Baby intrigues me. How refreshing to read a heroine who is thinking things through

  2. Mona – thanks for stopping by. Aaron is wonderful. And, my heroine Carrie Wang is smart.


    Hi Jeanine,
    Welcome to the Snarkology. Your puppies look like sweethearts. I love those precious faces. Chocolate labs are wonderful dogs.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today. 🙂

  4. Hi Missy – Thanks much for having me! It’s been fun.

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