And not a Day to Spare! — A CAT’S TALE #NewRelease #audiobook

A few months ago, a random conversation with a friend resulted in my decision to have A Cat’s Tale made into an audio book. It was exciting and scary, but also a lot of fun. It’s been one of my goals to see A Cat’s Tale release before 2015. I wasn’t sure it was going to clear ACX’s processing before Jan. 1st but it released today.


With not a day to spare!


My thanks for to Farah Evers Designs who performed my audio book production, and also to Lilah Harding, my sultry voiced narrator. <3


A cat's tale acx cover front



Available from:

Amazon via Audible


4 thoughts on “And not a Day to Spare! — A CAT’S TALE #NewRelease #audiobook

  1. Farah Evers

    Absolute pleasure. I wish you much success and through the roof sales. 🙂

  2. Sometimes the best ideas come out of those random conversations! I can’t wait to listen to it! I know my daughter will be buying it! It’s right up her alley for genre and she’s totally into audio books. Lilah has a great voice for it!


    Love and stuff,

  3. Congratulations! I absolutely loved narrating A Cat’s Tale! It was easy to “get into character” because the writing and story were so seamless and captivating! i wish you the very best!

  4. I’m a HUGE audiobook fan – I’d love to get all my books done on audio – I’m working on one right now – what a fun process – all the best!!!


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