What do YOU want for Christmas? #humor

My mother texted me today.

Mom: What do you want for Xmas?

I stopped. Panicked. Checked the calendar–then double-checked it.

Yep, it’s still September 8th.

I’m like…

Unsure student raising the hand during class at the universityI pondered the question for about 20 minutes. My mother’s tricky. It can’t be anything geeky or technological. Kitchen items are the ideal request. Finally, I came up with the perfect answer.

Me: A vegetable steamer.

Mom: What size?

Ah ha! A trick question.

Me: Normal size.

Mom: Electric?

Another trick question.

I asked Mr. Snark for his insight. He said, “Ask for a chain pull and a diesel engine.”

Me: “Yeah, thanks.”

Mr. Snark: “Where are you going?”

“Amazon. It’s time to start my Christmas shopping.”

Merry Christmas. Elements are layered separately. Easy editable.

2 thoughts on “What do YOU want for Christmas? #humor

  1. Janet

    No, no…not Christmas shopping! Please? *whimper*

  2. Sounds like you and your Mom are off to an early start! I’ve already saved a few gift ideas to a hidden Pinterest board myself. 🙂

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