Once Upon a Shifter’s Eve by KD Jones exclusive excerpt

kd-jones-1A new man is in town, and she can’t resist…Exclusive Excerpt from KD Jones

In our second sneak peek at the stories in Shifters Hallows Eve, we get a look at KD Jones story: Once Upon A Hallows Eve….

It was an unadventurous life, but it was filled with peace and calm. She wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She adjusted the bunny ears that were part of the costume she’d picked for today. Starting October first, each day leading up to Halloween she would wear a different outfit. Today she had decided to wear just the ears.

The chimes rang out as Mindy rushed to the store. “Did you see him?” she asked, out of breath.

“See who?” Rita turned to look at her more petite friend, who was looking a little thinner than normal. She worried about her friend’s health.

“The Conrads’ son! He’s here in town running their store for a few weeks while they take a vacation.”

“The Conrads never take a vacation and their son hardly ever comes through here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him up close in all the years I’ve known the Conrads.”

“Well, now is your time, my friend. Since their store is conveniently right across from yours, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Lucky dog!”

She shook her head at her friend’s gushing. “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Mindy pulled her to the large window and motioned for her to look outside. She turned to look and froze. Across the road was a tall man in jeans and no shirt. He was lifting a big box and his arm muscles were genuinely bulging. The jeans he wore looked like they had been poured over his strong thighs and there was a bulge of a different kind sitting on his thigh.


“I know, right.” Mindy licked her lips.

“Okay, he has a hot body, but his face probably isn’t that handsome.”

Just then, the man they were drooling over turned to look their way and her eyes locked with his. Dark smoky eyes that looked at her and made her feel like she was drowning but couldn’t find the energy to care. He had a strong chin and sculpted cheekbones. His dark brown hair was short and went well with his skin, which had a deep, rich tan. No man should be that sinfully sexy. It just wasn’t fair.

“We should go introduce ourselves,” Mindy suggested.

“What? No way.” Rita shook her head emphatically. She was not going to go make a fool of herself in front of that sex on a pair of legs. He’d already caught her ogling him.

“Come on, we’ll just welcome him to town. You know I never go out of my way to do things like this, so you saying no would only hurt my self-esteem.”

Oh no, Mindy wasn’t playing fair. She knew Rita couldn’t resist when she used guilt on her. “Fine, I’ll go with you.”

Mindy lit up with a smile, grabbing her arm to pull her out of the shop. They would just go over and introduce themselves. If it made Mindy this happy, what harm could there be?


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