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GENRE: Paranormal Romance


At eighteen, Elise Duxten must end her life. Her younger sister, Marly, lies dead because of her. To pay for her crimes she sells her soul to the devil in exchange for her sister’s life.

Matrix, King of the crossroads, the Devil’s right hand man for the last twenty years, is willing to make the deal, eager for another pawn. To sweeten the exchange he gives her one year to mourn her decision before he takes her for good.

In that year he’s determined to torment her, driven by envy at the strength in her soul. Though having lived years apart, the same heartless man, Manx Sloazan, destroyed their lives.

With her remaining life, Elise must teach her sister to live without her and find the courage to say goodbye. It won’t be easy. Sloazan is determined to make Elise pay for a bungled drug sale and Matrix wants to torture her soul. Or does he?

With Elise, Matrix has discovered something he thought he’d lost. His heart. But he is the devil’s, without the ability to choose. When the time comes, will he be prepared to let her go in order to save her soul? Or will the Devil make sure he gets what is his due?


Exclusive Excerpt:

In a scene Alby could imagine looked pitiable—no doubt making the guy feel vindicated—and not wishing to see the gloat on his face a second longer, Alby rolled gingerly onto his stomach, wincing from the pain, but holding his tongue—he sure as hell was not going to make a sound. There was little point worrying about the man’s next move. He was as good as dead so turning his back did nothing except change the position of the bullseye. Either way, it would hurt badly before he was saved by his own demise.

He lay still on his stomach, his chest propped up on his hands like he was doing sloppy push-ups. And there, straight in front, silent and deadly, a gift of life: a gun.

“Now, kiddo. I don’t want you to go thinking this is anything personal. You’re just the meat caught between the bread, that’s all. If it makes you feel any better, I’d just as willingly stick the guy passing me on the street as you. You see this is between me and Sloazan. We’ve been going tit-for-tat long enough now you’d think one of us would lose our luck. Seems destiny wants us both to tangle a while longer. But hey, you were close. The closest anyone has been. So I give credit to your skill. But sorry, you just weren’t good enough.”

The words never managed to penetrate his conscience. His stomach and heart gathered in his mouth. The throb of his blood pounded out an erratic rhythm threatening to burst his blood vessels and explode his brain. He lay frozen. One lunge was all it would take. He faced annihilation of himself or someone else. Only a fool would choose differently.

Maybe the guy understood why Alby froze, had worked it out when he saw the tray lying on the floor. The guy rushed forward—the change in the air tweaking over Alby’s senses told him so. Alby moved like a cat, with stealth and speed. He swung over onto his back, brought his hand up and pulled the trigger.


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_InHisKeepingTJ Adams couldn’t decide what she wanted to be when she grew up and travelled instead. She returned from overseas with the thrill of adventure still inside, so decided to train as a commercial light aircraft pilot, flying out of the remote aboriginal communities of north Western Australia.

A badly damaged eardrum clipped her wings, and she returned to Perth to complete a BA of science. During this time she meet her husband halfway up a rock face, while engaging in one of her favorite past times, rock climbing.

Somewhat tamed, TJ Adams and hubby settled in the Perth Hills with their three children.

When her children were little, TJ Adams found her new passion—books. Countless books later and the idea of becoming an author emerged.

Her favorite genre is paranormal with her first novel Bound under contract with Eternal press. Unable to stop her fingers from tapping, TJ Adams has since formed a partners with another Perth author, Renee Hammond to complete the Hells Gate series. In His Keeping is her latest release.

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