Valkyrie on Planet Fury: A Novel With Gravitas (Gravitas Series – Sybil of Valkyrie Book 2) #Romance



2nd test-FINALAn impossible mission.
A perilous planet where death lurks at every turn
Sybil of Planet Valkyrie can’t go home until she confronts the rulers of Planet Fury, where assassination is a popular pastime. The Furies demand that Sybil tap the powers of her familiar demons to find an answer that may not exist—or die trying.


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Lynne Murray and GeorgeLynne Murray grew up in transit. She was born in Illinois, but her father’s work as a scientist working for the military took her to Texas, Alaska, Washington state, and finally Southern California. She now lives in San Francisco.
She has written and directed a play, written dozens of articles for Buddhist publications and contributed humorous short pieces and interviews to both online and print magazines. Her favorite, an interview of Darlene Cates, star of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, is available on her website at

She started to write books with life-size heroines on the day she threw a book against the wall for having one fat joke too many. After that turning point, Lynne has published eight books featuring large, in-charge heroines, real life situations and genuine humor with no cruel jokes whatsoever. Lynne’s heroines have solved mysteries, joined forces with rogue vampires and visited other planets.

Her mystery series featuring Josephine Fuller, Sleuth of Size who doesn’t apologize won her the NAAFA Distinguished Achievement Award.

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