End of Year Writing Goals Check #amwriting @melissasnark

I usually do this in January but I figured why not now since I was already thinking about it. I did a mid-year check also.


2015 New Years Writing Goals:

1. Edit and publish Valkyrie’s Vengeance, the expanded book #0 in Loki’s Wolves.

  • Goal status:  accomplished.

2. Finish, edit, and publish Mated Hearts, book #2 in my Mating Games series.

  • Goal status: on hold. I’m dissatisfied with contractual obligations that require me to offer this to the publisher with first rights of refusal.

3. Finished, edit, and publish Viking Love Slave as a three part series.

  • Goal status: Now a planned six part series. I’m almost done with a new introduction and 60K has been through a developmental editing round. My goal by the end of the month is to have the first 90K ready to enter another editing round.

4. Finish Hell on High Heels. Edit. Maybe publish.

  • Goal status: On hold.

5. Complete a first draft of Trickster (no longer the working title of anything.)

  • Goal status: accomplished. It’s just the book is now 128K and titled Blood Brothers. It’s in editing. Moon Snatcher has about 30K of rough draft done and it’s resting.

6. Wish more than resolution… I’d love to see another novella made into an audiobook.

  • Goal status: On hold. I’m so not ready to take this on.

7. Miscellaneous accomplishments: I wrote 2 Scifi short stories, participated in three boxed sets, and took steps to get direct onto Apple.

One thought on “End of Year Writing Goals Check #amwriting @melissasnark

  1. Pamela Altman Talley

    You have been one very busy person. A writer, a mother of 3, a wife and a friend to many. You make me tired. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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