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So I’m neck deep in my exciting new dark shifter series and out of the blue I thought of a few of my favourite shifter reads. If you’re a paranormal junkie like me you have your secret go-to list. But there’s always room for more, so I’ve listed some of mine.

Drop me a line, let me know what shifter book is in your must read bookshelf, or your kindle for that matter.


Moon Called
The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs

What an awesome way for a kick-ass series. A mechanic by day, a ‘walker’ by night Mercy Thompson desperately wants a quiet, normal life… but there’s nothing normal about Mercy.

Raised by a pack of wolves Mercy is a Native American skin walker who can shape shift into a coyote. She’s neck deep in the ‘paranormal’ world. Her next door neighbor’s the alpha to a local werewolf pack and she’s been working on a VW bus for a vampire.

Mercy’s life changes when a young, homeless man walks through her door looking for work and cast her headlong into a dark and dangerous plot to hurt those she cares most about. There’s everything in this book, a gripping plot. Kickass heroes and heroines. If you’re looking for an all-round good read, then this book is for you.

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  1. Pamela Altman Talley

    Love the Mercy Thompson series!

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