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Wolf howling at the moonI have been writing from an early age. Books and words always fascinated me, the more I could read the better. I never read what the kids my age read, I was reading science magazines and psychology magazines. Every movie that I would go to see I would have to get the book and read it.

I absolutely love science fiction, paranormal, anything shrouded in mystery and mythology. Television was great when I was young; we had Buck Rogers, V, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. One particular one that was interesting was In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy.

Things that required creativity are the things that would draw me in. Whether it was playing an instrument, singing, poetry, writing short stories, I excelled in it. Poetry for the longest time was my means of expression and I really got into The Doors and Jim Morrison.

Even though it was many years after his death, I learned a great deal from him. With his influence, I wrote and never really stopped. Of course, not everybody understood what I was writing, but I guess I left that to interpretation. At a young age, I did not conform easily and that followed me through my teenage years and into adulthood.

It was some time in 2009 I started writing a story. It has been a work in progress and I still have not got it finished, but it is still there waiting for me. As I started getting into the digital movement on Amazon and Kobo, a whole world opened up to me. Then I sat down, wrote, and out came Alpha Claimed (which I am in the process of re-editing).

I have to be honest, it was exciting for me to get it ready and put out to the public. My adventures in reading never stop either; I am up until one or two in the morning reading. It is my time and to me it’s sacred.

Books provide us with far off worlds that you can only get inside their pages. The paranormal genre is so open and free. It is easy to get lost in a story you are reading or writing. I am just glad that I have a voice that wanted to break through and share the dark underworld with lovers of this genre.

Mind you, I have other genres that I am writing. I am so new to writing and publishing a book. It is scary and takes you out of your comfort zone. I remember saying once that—I want to be able to write and make a living at it well into my years, like Anne Rice and Mary Higgins Clark. Two of the best and they are truly great storytellers. They take the craft and make it theirs and that is what the younger writing generation has to uphold. Therefore, if you want to write, first you have to read, read, and read! As much as possible and read anything you can get your hands on.


Welcome to the Howl…

The last thing Mya wanted was a high-speed chase over the roofs of her town, ending in her capture and imprisonment in the nightclub known as The Howl. Only as the prisoner of the Pack Alpha Cade James will Mya learn her true nature and regain her lost legacy as the Alpha Bitch of the James Gang.  (Being re-edited)

***Ritual Bonding (Wolf Essence 2)***
Ritual Bonding is a sensual and erotic story into the underbelly of the Supernatural spectrum. A tantalizing ride of the senses for any lover of the paranormal genre—there are Dominant Alphas, Sexy Mates, Crafty Vampires, a Hybrid child, Sorcery and plenty of Hot, Wicked Sex to light your night on fire.

Milo James’ has always been a loose cannon. A quintessential bad boy at heart and the youngest of the James’ Pack—whose oldest brother happens to be the Alpha. That doesn’t stop Milo from his reckless ways and party lifestyle. He fights hard, plays harder & lives by the motto–love them once.
Ophelia is a demure, sweet girl, innocent by definition (& just happens to be the cousin of Milo’s deceased baby mama). She, is still a virgin & plans to stay that way until after their bonding…. (Not if Milo can help it!)
Milo has had a rough year, the party boy found out he has a son–Draxen. The problem with that is Jeslin—the child’s mother—met her untimely demise when Vamp Hunters murdered her. Now, her parents are raising Draxen—who, are none other than, the Vampire King & Queen.
Now the King wants Ophelia, returned to Toronto. And, above all, wants to call off her Bonding with a lowly, vile, wolf shifter.
Milo and Ophelia’s issues wreak havoc not only on their relationship, but also on the James’ Pack.
Ritual Bonding has a bit of everything! It is full of in-your-face Alpha Females, lots of Action, Commanding Vampires, and Feral Alpha Males—who like their women strong & their sex wild.


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Growing up, I had a passion for reading, Science fiction, music, anything that was creative in nature. I watched sci-fi shows (Buck Rogers & Battlestar Galactica) & read books & magazines about the big, bad wolf & vampires. Someday, I thought, there would always be a place for me In the Final Frontier. As we know life is not like the movies, we watch or the TV shows we love (no Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk).

After some deep thought and retrospect, I decided to live in my fantasy world-through the printed word (or e-books) & share it with the world. I’m never without a book in hand.

When life throws you a curve ball, all you need to do is fly away to another world. That world awaits us in the pages of our favorite books.


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