Evolution of a cover: Viking Love Slave 1 (with Angelina Cavanaugh) @TariaReed

vlsThe final versions of the Viking Love Slave covers are finally done. For my own amusement, I’ve decided to chart the progression of each cover from the original model’s image through all the subsequent revisions.  Once I’m done, you’ll understand why I say that Farah Evers is a saint for what she puts up with from me.


Let’s begin with the original image of model Angelina Cavanaugh taken by The Reed Files. I’ve thrown my own watermark on it since I wasn’t able to link to the demo version on the stock site.

The Reed Files Contemporary Woman
The Reed Files Contemporary Woman


Initially, a friend, Lisa Rayns, helped me create a concept cover.

First draft

Farah got involved once I lured her in with shameless flattery and a trail of dollar bills.

For a while, there were fetish items on the covers

The background didn’t look SciFi enough for me, so Farah changed out the background.

Torment Version 2 ms
Space Opera-y

An annoying series of color and brightness tweaks followed. More than I can count.

Viking Love Slave 1 Tormented
Ta-Da! Final draft.

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  1. Interesting to see the changes take place through the evolution of the cover.

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