@NightOwlReviews awards “Top Pick” to Hunger Moon and Battle Cry

I’m thrilled to announce that Night Owl reviews has awarded the “Top Pick” badge to both novels in the Loki’s Wolves series.

Hunger Moon

Loki’s Wolves, #1

I give 4.5 stars / Top Pick to Hunger Moon by Melissa Snark. This is an urban fantasy / HungerMoon750paranormal romance and is for readers 18+ due to sexual content.

Valkyrie’s Vengeance (Loki’s Wolves Book 0) should be read first before reading Hunger’s Moon. The beginning of Hunger’s Moon (Loki’s Wolves Book 1) starts off a little after the ending of Valkyrie’s Vengeance. Reading the two books in series order gave me a deeper understanding of what drove the characters personalities, what happened in their pasts. I understood why the Storm Pack was running from the hunters, and leaving false trails in Hunger’s Moon.

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Battle Cry

Loki’s Wolves, #2

I give 5 stars to Battle Cry by Melissa Snark.BattleCry750

Battle Cry is part of Loki’s Wolves series, and should be read in series order. Here’s the book series order: Valkyrie’s Vengeance (Loki’s Wolves Book 0); Hunter’s Moon (Loki’s Wolves Book 1); Battle Cry (Loki’s Wolves Book 2). Battle Cry has some backstories in it, which I found very useful since they explained past events. Reading the three books together in series order gave me a deeper understanding of what drove the characters personalities, and what happened in their past.

I found Battle Cry to be an amazing book. I was caught up in the fascinating and truly original storyline; drama, action, and suspense. While reading the book, I was eagerly hanging on trying to find out what would happen next. At times, I had to keep a box of tissue handy nearby to wipe away my tears. Wow, I am truly amazed by how Melissa Snark wrapped up, and presented this story. She had a great way of weaving her tale of Norse mythology; other paranormal elements, and hunters, in this modern story.

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