The Snarkology: Baycon Highlights #amwriting #humor

I attended Baycon 2015 last weekend as a Baycon Virgin. There were a number of interesting panels, a fun variety show, and a terrific art show and dealer room. A few memorable things happened, a couple I don’t want to blog about.


Two outstanding and hilarious moments I do want to share:


The first happened as a result of the panel on SF and humor. I posed a question to the panel to the affect, “I blog humor and I’ve found that a universally funny topic (to women) are their boyfriends/SOs/husbands. In your experience, are there any inherently funny topics in SF?”

The top and best answer came back: First contact situations and misunderstandings.

Right after the panel, I boarded the elevator with one of the panelists, and married couple. We were going up.

“Great panel,” I said. “It was hilarious.”

He grinned and replied, “But not nearly as hilarious as husbands.”

I was trying not to laugh too hard. No snappy replies were forthcoming.

Several long seconds passed and the wife between us began to look very uncomfortable. She shifted, looked left, right, and then to her spouse.

She burst out, “Well, my husband is wonderful!”


Last, best laugh of the con goes to Seanan McGuire, Writer Guest of Honor, who was a panelist on Sunday afternoon (Constructing Urban Fantasy: Going Beyond Vampires and Werewolves).

Per her profile in the program guide, “Seanan would like a Diet Dr. Pepper, a cookie, and a nap, preferably in that order.”

click image for an etsy shop with Dr. Pepper soap

As the panel started, Chaz Brenchley sat beside Seanan. He plopped down a scented soap on the table. “It’s Diet Dr. Pepper.”

Seanan grabbed the soap and stuffed it into her mouth.

The whole room burst out laughing.

She kept that Diet Dr. Pepper soap bar in her mouth for a really long time. The whole audience was in stitches.


My hat’s off to her. Anyone willing to eat soap for the sake of a joke has my respect.


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