ARC Offering: LOVE BURNS by Babette James #contemporary #romance

Author Babette James has an ARC offering for 20 advance review copies of her contemporary romance,  LOVE BURNS. Interested reviewers will receive an free Pdf, Mobi, or Epub ebook of the book in exchange for agreeing to leave an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble.


This is a new release that will be available on April 17, 2015, so the author would like reviews posted on the release date.


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Sometimes fanning the flames is better than running… 

Smokejumper Dave Knight lives by two simple rules—Play hard, work harder. Heartache taught him love and commitment don’t mix with his high-intensity lifestyle. That hot kiss with the classy Olivia Benedetti-Harper was a mistake, but he walked away in time. Too bad he can’t run from the memories. Then a plane crash shatters his future, forcing him to face the ashes of his past, the woman he can’t forget, and the toughest challenge of his life: Stop running.

The right man broke her heart. How could the wrong man heal it? Obedient daughter and dutiful wife, Olivia always followed the rules—only to be abandoned by her unfaithful husband. As she rebuilds her life, bad-boy Dave is a sizzling temptation she can’t afford. However, breaking the rules with the wrong man might be the best mistake this good girl’s ever made for love.



“Come here.” Dave held out his hand. “You’ll need your back done.”

Olivia handed him the sunscreen bottle and knelt.

He lightly kissed her nape before drizzling the lotion over her back. He smoothed both hands along her spine to the cleft of her bottom and to her hips, gliding, sliding, over waist, ribs, shoulders, and neck, turning the simple lotion application into a sensual massage. Her sigh escaped as a dreamy groan.

“Turn around.” His low husky voice drew a deep shiver through her core.

She shifted around, and her mouth dried at his simmering gaze.

He squeezed more lotion onto his fingertips. “Shut your eyes.”

Bright sunlight glowed through her closed eyelids. Cool touches of lotion brushed her face and throat, and she shivered under Dave’s delicate touch.

“Keep your eyes shut.”

She heard him shift on the blanket. His fingertips traced her face, trailed down her throat, and his breath whispered over her face, the scent of apple warning how close his lips were to hers. More gentle sweeps followed, ever lower, to the curves of her breasts.

His lips brushed hers and he dusted kisses across her cheek and jaw, and the tip of her nose, which made her giggle. His warm hand cupped her breast and, at the rough graze of his thumb, she shivered, nervous, yet greedy for more. As he drifted more lazy kisses lower, his thumb played a mesmerizing rhythm, setting her pulse to anxious dancing.

Stop, let him play. This is what you’ve craved: to play, to be wanted, to feel.

Carefully following the rules had brought her heartbreak. Breaking the rules couldn’t be any worse. Right?

The world spun for a second as he rolled Olivia under him.

She gasped and blinked, startled, but intrigued. Yes, she trusted he’d honor a no, but all she could think was oh, yes.


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    I’d love to read and review for you

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    I would love to read and review for you. I love paranormal books and read almost non-stop every day.

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    Excuse my fast posting fingers! I wanted to say I love paranormal romance but any kind of romance holds a special place in my heart!

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    Would love to read your book…I read on a Kindle Fire, so format will require MOBI. All of my reviews are routinely posted to Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Nobel.

  5. I would be interested in being an ARC reader for your up coming book. I use a Kindle app.

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