Mission Impossible: Origins, Demo Book 1 by Farah Evers #SciFi

Dirty politics just got dirtier.

2155. Lebanon survives the Technological Collapse Era only to end up governed by tyrannical zealots who control higher technology.

When the unholy grail falls into their totalitarian hands, Suddeek Hassan, the grail’s only heir, finds himself on a mission to instigate an interplanetary new order with laws that originate from his own bloodline.


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The book took six years to write. 11 rewrites, 8 editing rounds, countless proof rounds (over 15), and 3 editors and a critique editor. I don’t have kids but I suspect labor is easier to endure than all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this. The last major rewrite took place after release. I wanted to make a political statement in favor of progress and human advancement without ever insulting any one group or set of beliefs in particular. It proved harder than mission impossible but I would like to believe that I’ve succeeded in the end.

The setting of the book is near and dear to my heart. I wanted the readers, whom I suspect are mostly going to be Westerners, to be able to live bits and pieces of the Lebanese culture and some of its famous landmarks.

Although my book is mainly a political thriller with a big political message, there is a Dan Brown-ish style adventure/puzzle thing going on too. All that set in a semi-dystopian Beirut run by tyrants. The book focuses on humanity and what it means to live with the political cancer that controls our lives. Does freedom of speech truly exist? Do we all live under real democracy or is it just mass delusion? One very special man finds himself on a mission to unravel his origins and instill a new order. But will he succeed?


“There seems to be a malfunction in the transporter’s influx mechanism,” a tall man in a black and white uniform reported. “There is a presence on board. I think you might want to see this, master.”

The other man turned around in his seat at a control panel. He stood up and walked toward Suddeek, studying him from head to toe.

Suddeek gawked at his doppelganger, his mouth hanging low. “You’re real.”

The other Suddeek circled around him. “Alien? Shape shifter? Time traveler?”

Suddeek shook his head, still fascinated at the sight of himself in a black and white leather suit, armed and rather muscular in comparison. “I don’t know. Where am I? Who are you?”

“I’m Suddeek Hassan, master of the Gardener’s alliance. This is my ocean-space ship, the Seven Voyager. We’re in shallow waters now. Curious as I am to know how my stunt double materialized in here, I am in the middle of something. Zakariah, show this man to one of the empty quarters.”

“No wait, I don’t have time. Please, Suddeek.” Addressing himself sounded outlandish to his ears. “I’m Suddeek Hassan as well. I am on a mission myself, and I have no idea how I ended up here or why. I often have vivid visions, but it’s like they’ve been materializing.”

Zakariah approached Suddeek with a scanner. “Signals from his corporeal form indicate a different frequency, but he is human, and he does share your exact DNA, master.”

Suddeek observed the giant view screen and noticed the red rocky formations he had visited before.

A strong flashing light flushed across.

“It’s back, master,” Zakariah said. “This is our chance to get to her before Annas.”

“Sorry, Suddeek, we’ll have to catch up another time. Invisibility mode on. I’m going out,” the other Suddeek said. He transported to the exact place where Suddeek had found him the last time he walked into this surreal vision. Zakariah zoomed in on the view screen.

Suddeek watched the other version of himself get caught by someone who resembled the cardinal. Only this guy fought with a golden cane that slithered around his body like a snake, transforming into deflective energy fields and back into a firing cane. The cardinal cuffed Suddeek number two.

“Damn,” Zakariah said. “Master, she’s at the wormhole. Should I proceed?”

“No,” came the answer through the ship’s amplifiers. “Get the cardinal.”

A woman screamed in the distance. Suddeek heard her familiar words. “You will never see me again. Neither you, nor your children, nor your children’s children…”

He watched his alternate version fall to his knees. “No. Please don’t disappear again.”

Zakariah said, “Locking on to target in three, two, one. Firing now.”

The cardinal wrapped himself in his deflector shield which sent an explosion of fire back to the ship. It shook and jolted Suddeek to the side. His head slammed into the ship’s walls, knocking him out.


Author Bio:

Farah Evers is a Science Fiction writer. Her educational background is in Interior Architecture, which plays an integral role in urban development and world building. During her entire academic and professional life, Farah integrated science fiction concepts that allowed her to create unique high-tech projects, which were considered futuristic at the time. By the same token, architecture has shaped and influenced her take on science fiction. The way she thinks and sketches out her worlds begins with the fundamentals of architectural design that always bring back memories of countless overnights, sketching, conceptualizing, and drafting out perspective sketches.

Architecture wasn’t the only factor that played a major role in her understanding of life around her. Evers has a deep interest in Middle Eastern politics, anthropology, and psychology.

Her continuous struggle with weight led up to a short career as a gym trainer. Years of research in the health and nutrition field played a dramatic role in the birth of some of her science fiction concepts and ideas.

Her first published short story appeared in an anthology book, Elements of Dimension, in 2010. Two more e-short stories from the Expressions of Grace anthology collection was published via TTM: “The Feather” & “Julio Adriane”. (Of various genres) All short stories won third place in Twin Trinity Media’s writing contest. She then moved on to focusing on her career as a Science Fiction novelist. Her first novel “Demo” is a political science fiction thriller.

You might also know Farah Evers as a professional graphic designer, award winning book cover artist, digital artist, and performer (actor/singer)


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