Advance Review Copy opportunity: Sacrifice of a Virgin by Renee Charles

Author Renee Charles is looking for reviewers who are willing to leave an honest review of her paranormal romance novel on Amazon or Goodreads when the book releases on Feb. 6th.

Interested parties, please leave a comment on this post with your email address and your preferred file format. Also, please state that you understand that you’re agreeing to leave an honest review of the story on Amazon or Goodreads in exchange for a free ebook copy.

Rena stands tethered to a post high on a mountain, awaiting the dragon, praying her death will be painless and quick. Although she is meant as a sacrificial virgin, she soon discovers death will not be her fate. Powerful and seductive, the shape-shifting dragon, Marcos, has something far more erotic planned for her. She will fulfill his dark appetites and come to accept her own submissive nature without shame. At the dragon’s instruction, the virgin will explore needs and desires beyond imagination and Renaโ€™s commanding lover will teach her just how wicked she can be.

111 thoughts on “Advance Review Copy opportunity: Sacrifice of a Virgin by Renee Charles

  1. Roxane

    love to review sacrifice of a virgin…epub

  2. Theresa Rausch

    I would love to review this book for you

  3. Debra Grenier

    I would be interested in leaving an honest review of your book in exchange for a free copy of you ebook. I have a kindle fire HDX.

  4. Michele

    would love to! ePub would work

  5. Jeanne

    I would love to leave a review! I’ve already done this several
    times for other authors.
    Kindle or ePub, it doesn’t matter.

  6. Brittney weaver

    I would love to post an honest review for you on both Amazon and Goodreads. I use a Kindle so mobi would be awesome.

  7. Ana P Martinez

    I would love an ARC in mobi format for my kindle. I will leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads

  8. Dyphana Neblett

    I would very much lie to review your book and leave an honest review at Amazon and or Good Reads. I am a kindle user, my kindle address is

  9. Tish Delanoy

    I’d be honored to read and review this book.
    Mobi format please

  10. bridget

    review book. kindle address,, or pdf to email would be great. thank you so much.

  11. This is great. I’d love to advertise this on my blog on my Giveaway Monday. How long is the offer going?

  12. Nicole Welborn-Karlsen

    love to review,epub please

  13. Tahisha

    Wiling to read and review

  14. Jackie Baker

    would love to read and review on Amazon and goodreads for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kindle/mobi please

  15. Susan Foulkes

    I’d love to read and review for you.
    Mobi please as I read on Kindle xx

  16. Catrina

    I would love to read and review this book. I need to receive it in mobi format.

    • Catrina

      Sorry I knew my email address was hidden in my response, I thought you could see it. Please send it to

  17. Vickie nattrass Hawkins

    I would happy to review. I review on goodreads and amazon.

  18. Patsy Sacco

    Would love to read this book and give an honest review. I read on Kindle Mobi. Thanks in advance. Patsy Sacco

  19. Pamela Talley

    Hi Melissa
    Will you be sending ARC with your regular sending email? I’m on a Kindle Fire need a MOBI format. Thanks in advance for the opportunity.

  20. I would love to Arc your book in epub format. I will leave a review on Amazon. Thank you.

  21. I would love to Arc your book in epub format. I will leave a review on Amazon. Thank you. My email address is

  22. Leanne

    I’d love to review it

  23. Hortencia Garcia

    Would love an opportunity to review your book Sacrifice of a Virgen and leave an honest review of the store . I have a kindle or pdf is fine. Thank you for this opportunity

  24. April Swift

    I can’t wait for a chance to read!!! Yes I’ll give a review. Tysm

  25. Tina Busch

    Would love to review

  26. Denise McNamara

    I will leave an honest review

  27. Michelle Gallegos

    I would love to read and review for you.
    PDF format, please

  28. Mercedes Prizmonte

    would like to read and leave a honest review .
    Need ePub for I books.
    Thanks sound like a interesting story.
    Thanks for the chance,

  29. Carrie Childers

    Mobi file please

  30. Ginger McGrath

    Would love to read for an honest review!! Kindle or mobi is fine!!

  31. Ginger McGrath

    I would love to read and leave a review on amazon. I prefer kindle but can do mobi as well.. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ginger McGrath

      Sorry, I got carried away….
      Would love to review.
      email is
      kindle is fine

  32. lia

    Whe would so love to do this on Triple A.

  33. Peggy Martin

    I would love to read Sacrifice of a Virgin for a review on Amazon and Goodreads

  34. Angel Hatfield

    I’d love to read a copy in exchange for an honest review. mobile for kindle preferred.

  35. Lycinda Richardson

    Thank you for the opportunity to get to read more! I love reading and leaving reviews and use both Amazon and Goodreads. My email is and I have a Kindle Fire so either Kindl or MOBI format.

  36. Peggy Martin

    Oh I have a Kindle kindle address is (mobi)or regular email

  37. Pamela Talley

    First didn’t go thru
    Email address:

  38. I would love to read and review this book. It sounds like it may be a steamy read. mobi for Kindle please if you select me. Thank you.

  39. cynthia lytle

    I would LOve to preview this book for you.

  40. Madeline B

    I would be honored to read and review this book on Amazon Renee! Mobi for kindle is fine is offered the opportunity. Thank you!

  41. Rose Baker

    I would be glad to leave a review of your book on Amazon. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Rose Baker
    Kindle format

  42. I have 2 readers my Kindle is maxed out LOL !!
    My Nook HD Plus has space if I can have it on there .

  43. I’d love to read your book and give a fair review to you,and any other books in exchange for a honest review. I give reviews to all the books I read anyhow.

    Thanks Again

  44. Leslie Nappo

    would love to read arc for a review. Mobi (kindle)

  45. Kathie Banks

    I would love to read and review (and proof if you wish) any ARCs or e-books you need done. This genre is my favorite …. paranormal/shifter erotica. I would love to be added to your go-to list for reviewers.
    Thanks -Kathie (Kathleen Cafeworld on FB) Banks

  46. Lenore Belcher


    I would love to read your book and leave a honest review.

    Mobi (kindle)

  47. Kathie Banks

    Oh, I forgot … my preferred format is mobi. Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kathy… I need an email. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kathie Banks

      Do you still need readers? I didn’t include my email in the body of the comment, but I thought it was available from above. If not, it is Just let me know … Thanks

  48. Libby

    I would love to read and review.

  49. Nicole Smith

    I would live to review. I will post a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Either mobi or pdf please. My email is

  50. Melody

    Amazon is my preference

  51. Anonymous

    I would love to review for you! Please send .mobi format to thank you!!

  52. pernella rodriguez

    Definitely would love to receive an ARC plz plz in mobi

  53. pam louis

    Would love to read and leave review. Would like epub (nook) or mobi

  54. Aschlie Brake

    I enjoy completing ARCs and am very excited to read your book! Mobi please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Erina Kindle please

  56. I am so excited t see all your response s. Due to o a meltdown in my IT dept. Lol my hubby is trying to fix the Internet connection but…..plan B, I will answer all your comments and get the arc to you as soon as I get to the office tomorrow morning. West coast time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ woo hoo, I hope you all like it. Thank you.

  57. Sue Davis

    Sounds very good, love to do ARC, will leave reviews on amazon, Goodreads, B/N if there..anywhere else you want it. Just tell me where and when. if you choose to have me do it?

    • Sue Davis

      I need mobi….Thank you

  58. Lisa Wohlgamuth

    Would be honored to read and give an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. I use mobi format, my email is: Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  59. Rose Anna

    Would be a privilege to read and review. I am struggling with my first book and am always looking for mentors. Thank you.

  60. Good morning. I will start emailing them this morning. Thank you for your response.
    Please add a comment if you didn’t specify your email, I see some of them don’t.
    Also, I have epub and mobi formats given to me by my pubisher to use.
    Let me know which one you’d like.
    Thank you all!

  61. Judy Lewis

    Would love to review for you. I review as jlswainsboro on Amazon and Judy Lewis on Goodreads. I prefer mobi format

  62. Brandie Holcomb

    I would be more than happy to review this for you! Please and thank you

  63. Brandie Holcomb
    • Brandie Holcomb

      oh and mobi or pdf please

  64. Roni Cater

    would love to read and review

    not sure on what file style to ask for I need something simple to open on my comp. I think I have the nook app my email is

  65. Eva Millien

    I would love to read and review it evamillien at gmail dot com and kindle.

  66. Ann Waters

    I would love to review. My email is (anni dot waters at gmail dot com). And I can read any format.

  67. Sue Davis

    Love to review, post and send you links. if you want B/N, Amazon, Goodreads and if one of the others on blog don’t do it too, I can put on blog (readourthoughts).

  68. Hi all, OMG so excited about your interest. I have emailed a copy to everyone who asked and provided both your email and the format you would like. If you didn’t get one, it’s beacuse I am missing one of those pieces of info. Add it to here and I will be sure to get you one.
    Thank you for all your support!

    • Judy Lewis

      Didn’t receive mine. mobi please

    • Peggy Martin

      I didn’t receive mine mobi plz

    • Leanne

      I’d love to help,, epub or kindle would be great

  69. Angela Franklin

    Would love to review. Can post on amazon and good reads

  70. jess

    i can read and leave a review. I prefer epub format. thanks

  71. Judy Lewis

    Didn’t receive mine. mobi please

  72. Ronda Denny

    Love to!!! Mobi

  73. Ann

    I would love to review this book for you…my email is: and mobi is my preferred format. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  74. Would love to read and review PDF pleade

  75. Nicole Welborn-Karlsen

    I have not received yet.

  76. Rhonda Hensley

    I would love to review your book..thank you for the opportunity.
    I would like the kindle format

  77. Eunice

    i would love the opportunity to do an arc review. ePub please

  78. daria briand

    I see you have a lot of reviewers..smiles If you still need another one Ill review for you..

    Mobi please

  79. daria briand

    I commented yesterday but still haven’t. Recvd a copy ๐Ÿ™ did you send it thrugh Amazon??? Or to our email, mobi
    Thank you

    • Daria, I am catching up. The response was amazing. Look for it today. I am emailing them.

      • daria briand

        smiles Yes I saw all the responses.. hon.. Im sure youre are more than busy…trying to get them all out..

        I just didn’t want to be forgotten ^.^ .. as long as you have my info .. Ill be waiting patiently again thank you for the opportunity .

        hugs, daria

  80. It didn’t occur to me to say it, but you must be 18 to read the book I have sent.
    By opening the pdf you are stating you are 18.
    Thank you.

  81. Sounds like a fun and great read. If you don’t have enough readers I’d love to read/review it for you. I prefer mobi but can read almost all formats.

  82. Anonymous

    I would love the opportunity to receive an ARC of your book Sacrifice of a virgin in return an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon. I also assure you that I am well past 18.
    E-add is and preferred format is ePub.

    Thank you,

  83. I believe I have gotten everyone on this list. Again, thank you for your incredible response. If I missed you, please check and make sure you included your email address. It doesn’t show unless you put it in the comment. Thank you all.

    • daria briand

      I havent rcv it yet


      I sent it earlier though

      • Daria, I sent it again just now. If you didn’t get it perhaps it’s caught up in your spam folder? I hope you see it.

  84. Sue Davis

    Still haven’t gotten it….1/16 is when I signed up.
    I need mobi I use a kindle

    • Sue, this is the first time you left your email. I will get it off to you ASAP. I hope you enjoy it!

      • Sue Davis


  85. I would appreciate the chance to review Sacrifice of a Virgin! Format is mobi and address is:

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