The Snarkology presents… Paths to Publishing in January 2015

Path to publishing s
Designed by Farah Evers

In January, authors will visit The Snarkology to share their unique stories about their personal Paths to Publishing.


Authors will relate their insights, frustrations, inspirations, barriers encountered, hopes, and dreams as well as how they’d to see their career develop in the future.


Check below for our preliminary guest calendar. Dates are still open. Contact me at melissasnark at gmail dot com if you’re interested in participating.

Jan. 2 Lynn Crain
Jan. 7 Helena Fairfax
Jan. 8 Judy Ann Davis
Jan. 9 Kayelle Allen
Jan. 10 Jennifer L. Carson
Jan. 14 Maureen McGowan
Jan. 15 Rosemary Gemmell
Jan. 16 Barbara Edwards
Jan. 17 MC Hana
Jan. 21 Sydney St. Claire
Jan. 22 Racheline Maltese
Jan. 23 Dixie Hart
Jan. 24Jan. 27 Martha O’SullivanMelissa Snark
Jan. 28 Barb Meyers
Jan. 29 Maureen Bonatch
Jan. 30 Jax Daniels
Jan. 31 Rachel Leigh Smith

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